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Support & Service

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Outfitting a medical office can be a taxing endeavour. Purchasing each piece of medical equipment from a different vendor is not only time consuming, but is typically more expensive. But you can simplify the process and save your budget with Glamatic Pharmaceuticals. We can provide and service the majority of your medical equipment needs at a fraction of the standard OEM cost. We offer a wide variety of popular manufacturers and models in order to give you the financial flexibility and performance you desire.

Dedicated to Customer Support

Every piece of medical equipment operates differently. If you are unsure about how to use a piece of equipment or are unsure about how it is behaving, Glamatic Pharmaceuticals can help. Our service technicians can train you and your staff on the use of any of our products, including sterilizers, washers and OR tables, and are pleased to answer any questions that arise afterward. We can be reached in person, by email, or over the phone.


With AMC program centred on customer's requirements. The regular support given ensures proper working and assured performance. And furthermore its Value Added Services plus minor repairs free of cost promises your equipment a better life.
Contact us today to see exactly how good medical equipment sales and support can be.

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