Electric Suction Machine


Electric Suction Machine


7A-23D type of electric suction apparatus adopts completely plastic panel design, which makes it more fancy and fashionable. The device of intercepting oil for circumfluence can reduce the oil pollution. Easy to carry, low noise, high negative pressure and large flux. It can be widely applied in the surgical operations which need to absorb phlegm, thick liquid etc. -Oil-free pump-Convenient - no need to add oil for maintenance -Clean - no pollution of oil -Safe - no positive pressure during using


• Power Voltage: AC220V 22V, 50Hz ±1Hz
• Operation noise: < 65 dB (A)
• Pumping frequency: 220L/min
• Max negative pressure: ≥ 90kPa Input power: 180VA Reservoir capacity: 2500mL/pc, 2pieces